Analysis, Gap Assessments and Support

With our extensive experience in analysing sustainable sourcing policy, we can help you understand and respond to the key challenges and opportunities you face at an organisational, supply chain and product level. Let us assist in implementing your stakeholder’s sustainability policies, standards and regulatory compliance.

Annie Adams Consulting undertakes gap assessments to effectively assess the state of play against an agreed benchmark standard.

Gap Assessments and Benchmarking

We can use various approaches to support your sustainability performance, with gap assessments being one highly effective tool we use to assess the state of play against an agreed benchmark standard or set of requirements, and develop an action plan for improvement. By working hand-in-hand with staff throughout the gap assessment process we can also help build capacity to implement policy requirements. For example, we helped Unilever to improve supplier sustainability performance within their Asian paper and board supply chains during a programme involving training and Chain of Custody gap assessment.

Gap Assessment: an analysis of performance in a given area, measured against a specified standard; allows a company to understand the differences, gaps or areas of non-compliance

Gap Analysis: the process of examining business practices for areas that need improvement

Annie Adams Consulting helps businesses hold robust sustainability performance data to expedite good performance and regulatory compliance.

Sustainability Compliance Data and Reporting

Robust sustainability performance data is crucial to expedite good performance and regulatory compliance, as well as reputational management in forest commodity supply chains. We can review internal supply chain information or product data to help you measure and monitor your performance. Annie acted as Technical Lead for Efeca to deliver verification of Kingfisher Plc’s wood product data to support its Internal Audits and to compile its Sustainability Report for a number of years. She also acted as technical lead during Efeca’s synthesis of the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil member’s Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) reports.

As part of the Efeca team, Annie supported the European Commission, during the EC’s review of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) in 2013, and led EUTR compliance assessments for a number of brands, including:

  • B&Q
  • Kingfisher
  • Sky
  • Samsung Electronics